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Custom Trousers & Pants

The perfect blend of comfort and style.

The Beauty of Intricacy

Our custom trousers and pants are hand-sewn in our NYC shop. The perfect pair of slacks is crafted taking into account the customer’s gait and exact measurements, to ensure the fine balance between comfort and structure. Never compromise style over relaxation again and get through your work days with a breeze – this is the beauty of bespoke. 

Photo Courtesy of Gladson New York
Authentic Tradition

Fine fabrics employed from exquisite English and Italian mills

Photos Courtesy of Holland & Sherry

The Fine Details

Bhambi’s custom trousers and pants are all made by hand using the same quality bespoke tailoring as our custom suits. Our commitment to hand-crafting assures a uniquely perfect fit every time. The true beauty of bespoke’s intricacy lies within the customizations at the hands of the beholder – the stylistic choices in the belt loop, waistband, pleats, pockets, cuffs, and fabric choice are what sets the pants apart from off-the-rack. 

Photo Courtesy of Gladson New York
Photo Courtesy of Holland & Sherry

Our custom pants range from suit slacks, corduroy, chinos, khaki, denim, moleskin, and flannel – Bhambi’s wide selection of fabric covering every shade, pattern, and texture offers a pair for every occasion and personality. Wearing a pair of pants crafted specially for you is empowering and refines a necessary structure to your overall outfit – a custom Bhambi’s pants is a must for every gentleman.