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Bespoke Suits

Mastering the art of custom suits for over 50 years. 

Every Stitch Made by Hand

Every Bhambi's custom suit is handcrafted by our master tailors to your exact measurements, posture, and gait. We incorporate absolutely every detail requested regardless of how anomalous the desire, from the assured roll of the lapel, to the pitch of the shoulders and the contrast of our  handmade kissing button holes - the customizations are inexhaustible. Our commitment to true bespoke produces suits of unrivaled comfort and a style exclusive to you.

Take a look inside our process and New York City showroom to discover our relentless efforts to create the finest suits in the world of bespoke, one stitch at a time. 

Photos Courtesy of Gladson New York
Photo Courtesy of Scabal

From Mill to Meeting

The foundation of our masterpieces begin in the superior English & Italian mills of Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Scabal, Cerruti and many others from which we employ over 300,000 fine fabrics. Whether it's a lightweight suit that travels well wrinkle-free, or durable slacks but with enough stretch to comfortably get you through the day, or perhaps you own all the basics and want something peculiar, we cater to your lifestyle.

The Fine Details

At Bhambi's, a perfectly fitted suit is a given - the true customizations are found in the fine details. Personalize the lapel, cuffs, buttonholes, pockets, lining, and much more. You envision, we create. 

Photos Courtesy of Holland & Sherry
Lapel Styles
Photo Courtesy of Holland & Sherry
Contrasting Buttonholes    Angle Cut Cuffs
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Photos Courtesy of Gladson New York
Unique Linings
Photo Courtesy of Holland & Sherry

Pocket Styles

Photo Courtesy of Holland & Sherry

Indulge in owning a fashion exclusive to you and experience firsthand the merit of bespoke.

Guaranteed to keep you in style for years to come. 

A Quick Turnaround

At Bhambi's, we understand the constraints of the day-to-day man. Without compromising quality - no shortcuts taken or stitches rushed, our bespoke suits are handcrafted and completed within a 4 weeks span from the initial consultation. Any final adjustments needed after your 2nd or 3rd fitting is finished with a quick turnaround, and we will match every schedule no matter the time constraint. 

Enjoy 2 years of free alterations on your new suit to accommodate any changes in fit and assure your satisfaction for years to come.