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Custom Dress Shirts

An exquisitely tailored shirt speaks volumes. 

Choose From Thousands of Fabrics

Find a fabric that best serves your lifestyle and fashion. Our collection of the finest shirt fabrics employed from Thomas Mason, Loro Piana, and Gladson together offers thousands of viable possibilities. Understanding the importance of the weight, pattern, and texture of your dress shirt is crucial when selecting the ideal fabric. Let us grasp your daily routine, work environment, and overall character to guide you towards the ultimate dress shirt. 

A Perfect Fit. An Exclusive Style.

As the foundation for every professional look, a dress shirt crafted precisely to your silhouette is absolutely necessary. Every gentleman knows all too well the feeling of settling for an off-the-rack shirt with a fit that’s slightly too baggy through the middle, too loose in the arms, or too tight around the shoulders – the perfect fit seems near impossible to find. Due to these complexities, most wear dress shirts that do not fit properly unaware that small nuances make all the difference.

An expertly tailored shirt allows you to stand out with ease, improve your appearance dramatically, and subsequently increase your confidence in work. Make your work days easier and your wardrobe personal with Bhambi’s.

Your Personal Touch

A perfectly fit shirt is the foundation of our customization – it is the personal details such as in the style of the cuffs, collar, buttons, pocket, and monograms that truly exemplify the beauty and our commitment to a one-of-a-kind fashion. A contrasting monogram of your initials on your sleeves or perhaps you try pearl buttons instead of plastic; in menswear, it is the small personal touches that craft a massively distinct, striking look. 

Our Mission

We strive to ease the daily routine of the day-to-day gentleman with custom menswear that is as structurally comfortable as is personally fulfilling to wear. There is no reason to compromise in fashion. 

Harry Bhambi